Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Insert snappy title here


I've missed you all. It's been busy chez decemberbaby, what with the not leaving the baby lying in her playgym at all. Oh, the fun we've been having! Kali in the moby wrap while I grocery shop, Kali sitting in the bumbo watching me paint an old dresser, Kali screaming her head off as a cadre of finger puppets extol the virtues of tummy time in song.

Today I spent an hour with a mommy friend of mine, thus realizing what a dull life I've led so far. Seriously, we walked the babies to the library and back, and it was the most socially fulfilling hour of my week. Damn, I need to see my friends more often.

Kali will be five months old on Saturday. Holy crap, where has the time gone? And why haven't I taken more photos? I just told Mr. December that we might have to do this all again very soon just for the photo ops.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to boil some eggs for tomorrow's picnic with another mommy friend. When it rains, it pours. I love a good downpour.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is your head flat, or are you just happy to see me?

Yep, the verdict is in. One side of the back of Kali's head is flattening out. It's nothing keeping her off her back during the day won't fix. Have I mentioned that she loves being on her back? And only tolerates tummy time for fifteen minutes? And how long can you leave your child in a jumperoo or Bum*bo?

But hey, I like to think that part of the reason she always turns her head to the left is that she wakes up in our bed, with me on the left, and then we have a little morning conversation before we get up. Hmmm... I guess I should switch sides with Mr. December, huh?


Have I mentioned that the little princess is teething? Today was especially bad - she was crying her "ouch, make it stop, this hurt makes me sad" cry anytime I wasn't holding her, and some of the time I was. It's hard being there for a teething baby all day... but not as hard as not having a teething baby to be there for. I'm deeply thankful - just tired.


It was gorgeous out today. We spent about 4 hours in the shady yard, with me trying to do various outdoor tasks and Kali protesting loudly. At least she got plenty of fresh air into those little lungs.

And now, a question for you wise internets:

My back deck smells like pee, and I'm pretty sure it's cat pee (my neighbour suggested that it was a male cat spraying his territory). Short of pulling down the deck, what can I do to get rid of the smell? Pressure washing didn't work.

And that concludes my Tuesday ramblings. Tune in next time when I hope to be more witty and focused.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cry it out

As I type this, my baby girl is crying.

I have two more minutes on the clock until I go in and pat her, stroke her head, offer a pacifier, and leave again.

I really do think it's a good idea for her to learn to put herself to sleep. I have the nerves of steel required to listen to her scream and not run in and cuddle her.

But I feel so bad for what she must be thinking. "they've abandoned me. why won't anybody come? where's mommy? where's the breast?"


It's time for my ten-minute check-in. Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Baby's first Bar Mitzvah

Today was the bar mitzvah of one of my students. He worked very hard, overcame learning disabilities and low self-esteem, and chanted his aliyah and his haftorah perfectly. Flawlessly. I am so proud of this young man.

It was Kali's first bar mitzvah. She sat quietly in synagogue during the service, only yelping once to remind mummy that it was time to eat. In the evening, she smiled and laughed in her moby wrap while mummy danced the hora, and was adorable and cute as she got passed from one set of loving hands to another.

What most pleased me, though, is that this bar mitzvah was a lot less Bar and a lot more Mitzvah. Have any of you been to a bar mitzvah lately? Many of them are like weddings - gorgeous table linens, sophisticated centerpieces, huge bands or dj's who give away prizes to the most enthusiastic dancers. And let's not get started on the activities for the teens who don't want to dance. They can choose between "make your own pajama pants", a karaoke recording booth, and handwriting analysis.

But this bar mitzvah was different. The party in the evening was in a simple hall, there was a trio who played through dinner, a few short and meaningful speeches. The decor and food were simple and tasteful. Later, a couple of teens showed up to organize the kids and lead them in Israeli folk dancing. The kids loved it. Everyone loved it.

It was probably the most beautiful bar mitzvah I've been to. Mr. December and I agree that we'd like Kali's Bat mitzvah to be a lot like it.

So... where do we find her some friends who love Israeli folk dancing?