Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Tired" doesn't begin to cut it.

Kali would NOT sleep last night. She was awake every hour or so. I put her in her pram next to the bed so that I could reach out and push it back and forth if I needed to. I am so naive. She screamed until she was picked up and cuddled.

Why did I coddle her, you ask?

She just had her shots on Monday afternoon, and she was running a fever and just wasn't herself. Under those circumstances I don't feel right ignoring a crying baby or making her sleep on her own.

So here I am, exhausted, with a crick in my neck and a sore shoulder from cradling her while I sleep. And the princess is bubbly, smiley, and ready to take on a new day.

If anyone needs me, I'll be on the couch.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Four months... oh my!

We had our four-month checkup today. Kali now weighs a mere 12 lb 10 oz, and is 23 inches long... up from 10 lb 9 oz and 22.25 inches two months ago. Her left eye may be slightly turned in, or it could just be the newborn cross-eyedness taking its sweet time to go away. She screamed her head off when she got her shots... poor baby. She cried most of the afternoon too, in between sleeping the drunken sleep of a baby dosed to the gills with Advil. I almost cried at one point, it was so pitiful.

But the important thing is that she's growing, she's ok, and we're so blessed.

And now I must go and do all the pesach dishes, put them away, bring the regular dishes up from the basement, and put them back in their place. Oh, and there's the pesky issue of "I have no clean underwear left".

So... bye for now. Will return later with more dull posts like this one.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm okay

Thanks for asking, you guys. I'm feeling better - it's just crazy over here.

Kali is sick. She's starting to get better, but she still has moments of crying for no apparent reason. We're going to the doctor to rule out an ear infection.

Mr. December is sick. He's miserable when he's sick. Nuff said.

Passover is in two days. I have done no shopping (and I hear some of the stores are already sold out) and no cleaning. Damn, I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator.

Thanks for your love and well wishes. Sorry I didn't update sooner... and I have to say, I may not update again until Monday or Tuesday. I'm still reading all of you, though.

Chag Sameach to everyone who celebrates Pesach!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Fibromyalgia sucks.

My legs, shoulders, and back are killing me. It's gorgeous outside and I'd love to take Kali on long rambling walks, but I hurt too much.

In other news... the brake on our stroller stopped working last week. I called the company (Jolly Jumper) and they said if I needed it done quickly I could bring it in and they'd fix the problem. They discovered that a couple of the parts were defective... so they replaced the stroller frame with a new one. Talk about excellent customer service! (if only I'd remembered that the clip on the seatbelt is a bit sticky... now I'll have to make another trip to get that fixed.)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Has it been a week already?

Haven't posted in a while... sorry.

I've been busy - stocking up on deeply discounted diapers, teaching, singing "wheels on the bus", cooking yummy things, hosting shabbat guests... busy busy week.

My body is feeling it - I'm in a full-on fibromyalgia flare right now. In between her naps today, Kali was forced to lie in bed with me and carry on a conversation (and she did!) because horizontal was the only position in which I was comfortable. Good thing she's a cheerful kid.

I have so many thoughts right now, but I can't motivate myself to post them. I will, though. I promise.