Saturday, April 05, 2008

Has it been a week already?

Haven't posted in a while... sorry.

I've been busy - stocking up on deeply discounted diapers, teaching, singing "wheels on the bus", cooking yummy things, hosting shabbat guests... busy busy week.

My body is feeling it - I'm in a full-on fibromyalgia flare right now. In between her naps today, Kali was forced to lie in bed with me and carry on a conversation (and she did!) because horizontal was the only position in which I was comfortable. Good thing she's a cheerful kid.

I have so many thoughts right now, but I can't motivate myself to post them. I will, though. I promise.


K77 said...

I'm sorry you're in the midst of a fibro flare. I hope it settles soon.

Michele said...

Oh that sucks that you feel so poorly, D. I hope you bounce back soon so that you can do all that you want to do.

Dagny said...

Feel better soon.

(((gentle hugs)))

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that is so painful. It must be frustrating not to be able to do everything you'd like to. Sounds like K. is content though!

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