Monday, March 31, 2008

Update on foster baby

I just got off the phone with the social worker. They found a home for said baby last Wednesday... but she wanted to talk to me about joining their foster program. I asked her if there really are only 35 Jewish foster homes in Toronto. There are. Really. She said that the email about the baby generated about 100 phone inquiries, but out of those 100 people they'll maybe get three new foster homes, if they're lucky.

We've been invited to an information session in early May. Mr. December and I will go and then decide whether this is something we can commit to. I'll keep you posted.


Dagny said...

Oh wow!!!

Now I know you have a ton on your plate, what with the kiddo, so I am just so impressed that you are even considering it.


You rock.


Caro said...

Glad to hear the baby got placed and I'll look forward to hearing about the info session.

Elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

we are considering it also...maybe see you at the info session?

Jess said...

We live in the states and are currently in the process to become foster parents. can't wait to here how this turns out.