Friday, March 28, 2008

I called.

I got the social worker's voicemail. I left a message, then emailed her for good measure. I didn't hear back. At this point I guess I probably won't.

I thought I'd feel relieved, but I've got that deflated feeling like someone's let me down.

Thanks for your comments. They helped.


Anonymous said...

I didn't read yesterday's post until just now.

I think it is great that you called. I think from what we are learning about this process is that you have to be approved and have gone through all of the appropriate channels before you can be approved to foster or adopt in the province. I do know that in certain cases, that will be fast tracked, especially if there is a child who needs a placement.

I am not surprised you called, you have a big heart, Sara.

Tuesday said...

You never know! They might just be out until Monday!

Dagny said...


You are amazing.


Aurelia said...

They might still call, but about another baby. You never know.