Saturday, June 07, 2008

"tired" doesn't begin to cut it

Holy fuck, I'm exhausted.

Kali has been having a hell of a week. She's teething with a vengeance, and getting her to sleep every night is a nightmare. Tonight is Mr. December's first night home (he's been away for 10 days) and Kali is screaming up a storm. We went in and burped her. We rocked her. We put on her gums. She kept screaming. We gave her Tylenol. Changed her diaper. Sang. Rocked. Swaddled. Unswaddled.

I finally told Mr. December that I had a confession to make; I don't know what the fuck this crying is about. Kali seems to be having some separation anxiety lately. Is that the problem? Is it her teeth? Is she just trying to manipulate us?

We've finally settled on letting her cry it out. Seriously, it's a last resort because we both generally agree that we don't like leaving her to cry - but it's been over an hour now and we can't think straight. I can't see straight, either - my head feels like it's splitting open.

I love her. this is so fucking hard. I hate that she can't tell me what she needs. I hate that she can't understand why she hurts.

At this point, if my head would just stop hurting, I'd consider that progress.

ETA: I just realized that I already have a post by this name. Apparently when I'm exhausted, all creativity goes out the window. Ah well, at least I'm consistent.


Erin said...

Poor baby girl and poor Mama!! I am sorry you are so tired and that Kali is having such a hard time.. Saying little prayers that everyine gets lots of sleep tonight!! Lots of love!

Aurelia said...

She could also be going through her six month growth spurt, where she nurses round the clock in an effort to increase your milk production.

If CIO doesn't help like you want it to, then try doing the 24 hour cure. Take the baby to bed, and nurse skin to skin round the clock, eat a lot, drink a lot, rest a lot. Only get up to go to the bathroom. Get someone else to change her diapers.

Just an idea....

Rachel said...

I'm sorry, it is tough. You may want to try motrin instead of tylenol. It seems to work better for LG. Good luck!

jennyquarx said...

Oh sweetie, I am sorry you're having a rough time. It sure is hard at times and teething is not much fun for anyone. Doesn't seem to help when they can tell you it hurts either. In my opinion, orajel doesn't do jack. You could try the Hyland's tablets, always seemed to calm D down enough to get a little break in the crying. If she's big enough, I second the motrin. Hopefully this is a short lived phase. I'm glad the daddy is home. That always helps a lot too. Big hugs to you all.

Dagny said...


Hang in there!!!!!


Chris said...

Oh goodness, I can't even imagine how awful that must be.

Ditto Aurelia's suggestion of a nurse-in. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel comes on soon!