Thursday, March 18, 2010

it's company policy to give you the plague...


I just realized that my last update was three weeks ago, at which time Kali was sick.

Guess what? She's sick... still or again, it's hard to tell. This time she's taken me down with her. Can't talk without coughing and stuffed up beyond stuffy. What I wouldn't give for some ColdFX or Nyquil now.

Cletus the Fetus is fine... feels like he's perfecting his drumming solos during the long nights when mummy is trying to sleep. At least someone in this house has some energy.

I have nothing witty to say here. It's four in the morning and I need to get back to bed.

Coming soon: adventures with the "big-girl bed"


Heather said...

I hope you both feel better soon.

FosterAbba said...

Isn't that what kids are for? To spread germs around and get everyone sick?

Hope you feel better soon!

Reena said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for months now - and finally set up an account to be able to post. I'm so excited about Cletus :) can't wait to hear about the big girl bed and hope she feels better!