Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in the stirrups again

Well, here we are. Kali is 13 months old. Today we headed back to the ol' clinic to get started on kid #2.

It felt like going home, really. Same nurses, same doctor. They've redecorated, which is nice, and there's a new doctor on board, but basically it's the same.

We took Kali with us. I know the issue of babies in the waiting room at clinics has been done to death, so I'll be very brief and say that I wouldn't take her during monitoring hours, we took her to show off to the doctors and nurses, and I made her a little "I'm a [insert name of clinic here] baby" t-shirt so that any new patients would understand that we're not just a couple of fertile jerks. In predictable toddler fashion, she wasn't thrilled to be there. I had hoped for better behaviour... but what can you do?

Now, the appointment: our labs are all back in, everything looks good, and we're ready to get started as soon as my period gets here. Femara and IUI worked before, so that's the plan... except they now start with 5 mg of femara instead of 2.5. That suits me just fine since I got pregnant with Kali when we upped my dose to 5 mg.

While we were there, I mentioned to the doctor that I'm curious to know what my ovaries have been up to lately. He agreed to do an ultrasound.

Ovaries? Check. Uterus? Check. All present and accounted for. And hmm... what?

The lining of my uterus claims that I've ovulated. Spontaneously. Cool! And... wow! My ovaries have no cysts!

So really, why are we back at the clinic if my body can do this on its own? I'm still struggling with that one. I think I'll leave it for tomorrow's post. In the meantime, if you're a returning reader, welcome back.


Chris said...

Welcome back to you too. Good luck!

Aurelia said...

Excellent news!

And if you ever need someone to watch Kali in the morning while you get monitored, just call. As long as it's not 6 am, she can either hang at my house, or I'll hang with her at Starbucks near your clinic.

Erin said...

I am so happy for you guys!! Yippeee!!!

ms. c said...

Glad that you're back here. I want to hear more about Kali!!
And I'm hoping the journey to #2 is a quick one!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Good luck with returning to the clinic. May it be a short, successful stay :-)

Elizabeth said...

Heard you are back in the saddle, as it were - will be following along!!

Cassandra said...

Good luck with Act II!

The t-shirt idea is cute. Is it a one-time thing, or will she ever wear it outside of the clinic?