Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 dpo, and peeing in the potty

So... long time no see. Sorry 'bout that. It's just been so nice outside, and Mr. December finally convinced me to get a babysitter 10 hours a week, and between being outside and getting stuff done, I just haven't been sitting at the computer too much. Allow me to recap for you:

The cycle so far: on CD8, I had a follicle at 2.1 and a lining of 6.8. The lining cutoff to go ahead and trigger is 7, by the way. Anyhoozit, the good doctor decided that we'd better trigger before the egg in that huge follicle got old and decrepit. So trigger we did, against my protestations that nothing would happen with such a thin lining. We triggered, we inseminated with 14 million motile sperm, and I'm now at 8 dpo. I refuse to even document any EPS, because last cycle debunked my last two foolproof symptoms. So... maybe I am, and maybe I'm not. Won't know until the beta.

Kali so far: We have some talking. Kali says "more", "car", "up", "dog" (okay, she says "gog", but you get the idea), "no", "nonononononono", "book", "mama", "bye bye", and "go". And some other stuff... but those are the ones we hear on a daily basis. She's able to walk by herself, but seems to lack confidence. She's a daredevil, an insatiable climber, and a snuggly lovable girl.

We had a poop incident yesterday. I put Kali down to nap in a t-shirt and diaper. I heard her crying an hour later. Went in, smelled poop, and immediately put my hand on her bottom to feel whether the diaper was full or whether she was just farting up a storm in preparation to face-off against her daddy... but instead of a lumpy diaper, I was met with Kali's tender skin. Yup, soft as a baby's bottom. So I turned on the light.

The diaper - completely clean and dry - had been removed and discarded in a corner. Three nuggets of poop had been tossed around, landing at various points in and around her crib. There was a giant pee spot.

The best explanation I could come up with was that she knew she had to go, and being the kid who hates being dirty, took off her diaper so she wouldn't have to sit in her own mess. Day-um. Time for a potty, you think?

So today I bought her a potty. When she woke up from her nap I asked her if she wanted to go peepee with mummy. Nod. I sat on my potty, she on hers, and lo and behold... pee! Later that day I heard her characteristic grunting, asked if she needed to poo in the potty - to which she nodded - and sat her down... poo! in the potty!

I think she actually gets it. When I'm on the toilet, she comes up to me, grabs my knees, pushes them apart like a junior wandmonkey, and watches intently as I do whatever I'm doing (and do you know how hard it is to pee when you have an audience?). Today when I handed her a piece of toilet paper, she patted her bottom delicately and dropped it into the potty.

I am flabbergasted.


Aurelia said...

Wow, that's impressive! I've always heard that girls are faster at this, but never heard of it this early. As for the rest, here's hoping for you!

A New Beginning said...

Oh my. Is this what I am in for? That is so funny about her spreading your legs apart and watching you.

Dora said...

I'm seriously impressed! By the time mine is ready for the potty, Kali will be talking a mile a minute. Maybe they can have a chat!

Elizabeth said...

that is seriously adorable! the wiping, that is! rooting for you with this cycle!

Jay3fer said...

Ha ha ha... I practically can't go UNLESS I have an audience, these days. Be prepared for ups and downs - unless your kid's more brilliant than mine (which she could be!), some days she'll totally get it, and some days, she won't care less. Still, it's a first step.