Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazya$$ contractors

We're having our water service replaced today. Here's an actual excerpt from a conversation I had with the water supply guy:

Him: We're replacing your meter with a smart meter that has a remote, so I'm gonna have to drill through the wall somewhere and then tack the wire along your wall.

Me: But we have a drop ceiling. Why can't you just run the wire above the ceiling tiles?

Him: I don't fish wires. I'm contracted to do it this way, that's why I'm explaining it to you like this.

Me: But it's easier to run it above the ceiling tiles... and it'll look nicer too.

Him: (finally looking up at the ceiling and pushing aside a tile) I guess I could do that. But when I get to this side, I'm gonna have to tack it to the wall to bring it down to the meter.

Me: But there's a box right there that's a straight channel down to the meter. Can't we just put it through that?

Him: I don't fish wires, that's not my job.

Me: So how 'bout, when you're about ready to tack it to the wall, you take a coffee break and I'll fish the wire?

Him: (considering it once again) well, what's in that channel?

Me: (lifting ceiling panel to reveal top of channel) one copper pipe. That's all. The rest of it is empty.

Him: Oh, okay. If it's empty I can just drop it down. But if it gives me any trouble, you'll have to come and fish it through.

Me: Perfect. Thank you.

Really? Was it so hard to just use his eyes?

I wonder how many homeowners are too uninformed to hold the contractors accountable?

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eve said...

Wow...good for you for holding him to his JOB. Um,fixing things properly IS your job, right? So sorry about the BFN. Glad it doesn't have you down too much. Pulling for you!

Eve (infertility rocks)