Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the latter.

The sonohystogram itself was not bad. Definitely less painful than a 10-hour visit with my in-laws.

I saw my uterus on screen. Then, using the doppler ultrasound, we were able to see the saline making its way through my tubes and shooting out the ends. Apparently I have "beautiful" fimbrulae (sp?). The left tube is wide open, and the right is open as well, although not as much. The doc was satisfied with what he could see and assured me that the contrast dye wouldn't give us any additional information.

Bottom line - there's nothing wrong with my girly bits, except for how the ovaries function. No new insight. At least this means we can put off spending $10,000 on IVF... for now.

I was feeling okay, just a bit crampy, after the procedure. Two hours later I was on the couch, unable to move, with a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen. The doc said it could be cramping, or an effect of the antibiotic, or a mix of both. I'm to call again if I develop a fever or if the pain gets even worse.

I can't help but feel that this has been a total waste of a day.


Heather said...

It isn't a waste - you found out there aren't more problems. That is good news. It may not be what you were looking for - but it is something. Hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.

Aurelia said...

It's really not a waste, and I for one am glad that you did it because now you know that you can save that money possibly.

(And dude, isn't it cool seeing the inside of your uterus? It was amazing when I did!)

Now, I assume that your numbers are ok, but if they say things like PCOS, what about trying some metformin with the injectibles? Or if your antrals are not numerous, what about trying some DHEA? (DHEA is no good if you have PCOS, but if not, maybe?)

Did he have any ideas beyond injectibles and IUIs?

Aurelia said...

Just went back and read some of your recent history. Did Mr.December ever do one of those sperm fragmentation tests? Just because heck, maybe it's not you? (You said something about morphology being only 20%, and from what I've been told around the net, the fragmentation test is different??)

Anyway, just a thought....

Dora said...

I agree that it's better to check things. Glad you got through it okay.

eve said...

Good to know you're healthy! I had one a few weeks ago and they found a big deal, but that's the point of that test, to find anything that might be causing probs.

Hope that you're in store for a BFP soon!

Eve (