Friday, June 12, 2009

Passive-aggresive? Or just aggressive?

Thank you all for your comments about the SHG vs. HSG. I wasn't quite ready to confront Dr. Eyebrows about it again, since I did ask and he gave me an answer. So... I called the SHG place to confirm my appointment, and I casually asked the nurse, "this is going to give us a really clear picture of my tubes, right? because my friend said that it usually only shows the uterus..." She replied that they can sometimes see the tubes with the saline test, but that if I really wanted we can do the ultrasound with a special contrast dye so that we can see everything. It costs an extra $150, which is not covered by OHIP. I signed up for that one too.

She asked me whether she should call Dr. Eyebrows and check about the contrast dye. I think my exact words were, "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. It's my uterus and my money, so I say do it and just send him all the results." She laughed and agreed.

Now, the prep instructions...
- they want a full bladder for an abdominal ultrasound (boo!). I hate those "full bladder" tests... really hate them. I'd rather have a million dates with the dildo-cam.
- I should take 400 mg of Advil an hour before the test. Hmm... I'm thinking maybe 800mg instead?
- I should have a light breakfast and a light dinner the night before. (she also mentioned that I should try to "empty the bowels" right before the test too. how does she propose I do that? is this a subtle way of saying, "please do an enema?" 'cause dude, the answer to that is NO FUCKING WAY.)
- I've been given an antibiotic to be taken with food. Apparently it's very hard on the stomach. Lurvely.

So, does this sound normal? Weird? Kinky?

I just hope this actually gives us some news we can use.

(oh, and do you think it's too passive-aggressive of me to just request the contrast dye behind Dr. Eyebrows' back?)


Ms. Perky said...

glad you can get the contrast dye. FYI, that will probably irritate your uterus a little more than straight saline, but it still shouldn't hurt as much as, say, childbirth, so you've got a measuring stick there, right? ;)

as for emptying your bowels - no, you don't need to do an enema... just if you feel the need to go, do so.

I don't think it's too passive agressive. I'd think it was passive aggressive if you switched it to an HSG. But all you've done is add a little contrast dye. You're good. Frankly, if he thought he was going to see your tubes on the SHG, he may have intended for you to have the contrast dye and just not thought of it.

decemberbaby said...

"if you feel the need to go, do so."

Um, does anybody NOT do this?

Aurelia said...

Umm, well I didn't see the other comments and update.

I did go to the place that he has do the HSG and what have you and they can see the tubes, no problem. I know because I watched it myself on the screen. (It was totally freaking cool, even if I did have twist around like crazy.) And the best part, because they have a camera, they can see the inside of the tubes and look for scarring, which frankly is more of a problem than a complete block. (With blocked tubes, you just don't get pregnant. With scarred tubes you risk an ectopic and possible death sue to rupture.)

The contrast dye test doesn't show scarring, just whether or not they are open even a titch. You could have severely scarred tubes that will never ever work and it would still show them as being just fine. I know that with him, it is only used to determine your eligibility for OHIP funding for IVF, and those assholes do everything they possibly can to prevent you from getting funding, so I know he rarely ever bothers even trying.

Sooo, Yes it is fine to do it, and it's only $150 so who cares, but don't get mad at him for it. Remember, most women who have scarred or blocked tubes have a history of STDs or endo or some other factor, and since he knows your history with your husband, I'm thinking he is not concerned and figures he'll get a great picture of the tubes, just like he did with mine.

DON'T take an enema, but DO take a small dose of Ex-Lax or some extra fiber, because if your bowels are very full, it might make it harder to get the catheter in. And more painful.

And if you want me to watch the babe, I will. I still have a pair of her shoes!

Dora said...

I don't think it's passive aggressive at all. You're taking charge of your healthcare.

I'm astonished at Aurelia's comment! Here in the States an HSG is standard. Usually the very first test done. Fascinating and maddening that REs in Canada don't order it to prevent patients from getting government funding for IVF. WOW! Is it possible to go around him? Maybe get your GP to write an order for the HSG?

BTW, if you want to try someone else, I love my RE at Create.

Aurelia said...

Dora, sorry, I guess I miswrote. The Doctors want you to get funding for IVF, they try very hard, reams of paperwork. But OHIP is the thing standing in the way most of the time.

Stupid government department. Thing is, they approve so very few people that really most Docs will just tell you it's pointless. They'll do it, but forewarned it forearmed. (And your doc at Create would say the same thing.)