Thursday, January 14, 2010

suddenly fun

I don't know what happened between my recent post about my frustration with Kali and today, but she's suddenly adorable, fun, and relaxing to be around. She's currently "cooking pasta" in her play kitchen. Periodically she comes over to feed me. It's the best invisible pasta I've ever eaten. She's also singing along to "Snuggle Puppy" as she rocks from side to side.

As I said, she's fun. I don't know what happened to the toddler annoyance I was dealing with before, but I'm grateful to have my happy, cuddly girl back.

Excuse me, I have to finish my invisible pasta before Kali will let me have some invisible cookies.


FosterAbba said...

Let's just hope all that invisible pasta and cookies you are eating are diet invisible pasta and cookies.

Otherwise, you'll be looking at a really unhealthy weight gain. ;)

decemberbaby said...

Yes, but it'll be invisible fat, right? Right?

Dora said...

Blame the pg hormones.

Jodi said...

I had one of those nights last night with my twins...Its weird everything flowed and we had fun. I have times when they get on my nerves and i feel guilty I am not a SAHM either you have the hardest job