Wednesday, June 09, 2010

hormonal? Me?

Yes, folks, we've reached that point in the pregnancy. Everything makes me emotional.

Today was Kali's last day of preschool. Her teacher gave each child a personalized slideshow of pictures taken throughout the year. As we watched it, I cried.

I went across the street to ask the elderly neighbour with the broken arm how she was doing. I made a remark about how excited we are about our garden and our blooming veggies, and she started in on how vegetables don't belong in the front yard, how messy and disorganized our yard is, and how her sons cry when they see it because they miss the fastidious woman who lived here years ago. I managed to conceal my rage until I had again wished her well, and then I went back home and fumed. Maybe a single pensioner has nothing better to do than to search her lawn for weeds every. single. day. If we mow our lawn every other week, that's pretty good for us.

So yeah, two very emotional reactions to things that would normally roll off my back. I must be hormonal or something.


zunzun said...

I grew up being taught to respect my elders but now...well...I'm almost 40 and lets just say that I no longer cut them as much slack...see? Just because you are old doesn't give you license to be rude, tactless, and mean. She could have told you the same thing at another time, after a few conversations, and definitely not right after you went over to inquire about her health.

erin said...

no tomatoes for that nasty wench!

Anonymous said...

I agree. There are tactful ways to say things to your neighbors especially since you were nice enough to go over and ask her how she was feeling.

I have to be honest though...we have a neighbor that doesnt take very good care of their yard and it drives me crazy. I feel like it brings down the neighborhood. However, I doubt yours is anything like this neighbor. You dont have a broken down truck in your front yard do you? haha

decemberbaby said...

Amanda - no, but we've considered declaring war by putting a junker up on cinder blocks!

Our grass tends to get long (maybe 7 inches?) before we cut it, we do nothing to curtail the weeds (just mow 'em down), we have a vegetable garden (actually quite an orderly one), and a porch that sports a kiddie table and some toys.

Anonymous said...

That doesnt sound bad at all. If you were my neighbor i wouldnt care about the veggie garden or the toys on the porch.

Our yard has lots of clover and dandelions in it, but we keep it mowed about once a week so it looks fine. Now that I'm finally pregnant my husband has to do it...hehe...which is awesome!

It sounds like your neighbor is pretty picky!