Saturday, January 05, 2008

4:45 and all is well

After the past few nights' escapades - nonstop crying and nursing from 1 to 5 a.m. - I was expecting more of the same. Instead, I was woken up by my full boobs, about 4 hours after we all went to bed. The princess has been fed and changed, all without uttering a peep. Back to bed I go. I may actually feel normal in the morning.

Stay tuned for "tales of the in-laws". Not recommended for those prone to nightmares. Highly recommended for those who want to find said in-laws and smack them upside the head.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear your little princess let you get some sleep :) can't wait to hear more about her and, of course, your in-law tales of wow....
love to see a pic or two..i'll email you!
decemberbaby, let me just say how thrilled i am for you...doesn't seem that long ago that you were a faceless name on a bs you're a real, live mommy!!!!!!!
shabbat shalom,

Anonymous said...

In-laws suck.

I would love to see pics, so could you email them to me?

I am glad you are doing ok!

Aurelia said...

Oh dear, tell me you pumped off some of that excess. I don't want to see you with rockhard boobs and lumps and stuff. Kind of painful!

Caro said...

Yay for sleep. oh and in-laws, hmmm. I suspect there may be some (more) of those tales in my blog's future.