Saturday, July 19, 2008

Echo... echo... echo...

No, I did not get buried under a pile of clutter and have to dig my way out again. I've just been busy cleaning my house... very slowly. My living room is so much emptier that the acoustics are audibly different (at least to me) - everything seems to echo.

In the end, I did what Shelbel suggested: I went back to Flylady. I shined my sink, left the rest of the mess, and went to bed. The next day I did the bathroom "swish and swipe" in the morning and kept my sink shiny all day. It's snowballed since then, and while I'm far from on top of everything, the whole house feels a bit neater and a bit more manageable. I can breathe.

Kali broke out in a rash today, all over her chest and tummy. I hope it's not a food allergy - but it's hard to tell. Despite the fact that I said numerous times that we have to introduce foods slowly, i.e. once every 4-5 days, my mom fed Kali some watermelon and something else - can't remember what - so it's hard to know what, if anything, the rash is from. Dammit, I might have to go right back to rice cereal and bananas (she was fine with both of those) and try to figure it out. Why can't the grandmas just listen sometimes? Sigh.


Heather said...

I used to work for a family business. There were always babies around. The "grandmother" would always take the babies so the mothers could work since she wasn't an employee. The mothers would bring food for the babies and be very specific. We would always find the grandmother in the kitchen feeding the children whatever she cooked or wanted to give them. Drove everyone nuts. Luckily no babies were hurt during my stay there but it always made me mad.

butterflyanla said...

Glad you are bringing the Sparkle and Shine back to your home. My Aunt once have my sister's baby cake icing at a wedding. I thought my sister and I were both going to faint.

Aurelia said...

That reaction on the face from fruit is very very common and not really an allergy per se. It happens to a lot of kids and they grow out of it. Don't go back to rice cereal and bananas...just do whatever you were doing.

So, hey, I emailed you, but I guess you've been busy. When are we getting together?

Anonymous said...

glad you are starting to see some sense of order around you....don't be too hard on yourself, girl!
sorry 'bout kali's rash...hope you sort that out soon!