Thursday, July 31, 2008

Further evidence that I am, in fact, a bitch

My mother-in-law is here, to play with Kali and keep her entertained and happy while I finish up some things that really need to be done. I'm thankful that I have help and that it's someone who loves Kali so very much. Sure, Kali's napping right now, but MIL is waiting patiently for the moment she wakes up. I've got James Taylor playing, and she's enjoying it as much as I am.

Why, then, am I a bitch?

Because she's singing along under her breath. And she's tonedeaf.

Please just knock me out, wouldja?


Dagny said...

You'd HATE me. heh.

Erin said...

You crack me up December. I love reading youe blog! Lots of Love!

decemberbaby said...

Dagny - I wouldn't hate you because you're not my mother in law. It's all about her annoying me with her very presence, even though she's a lovely person who helps us alot. Hence, I'm a bitch. Capisce?

Dagny said...




Aurelia said...

Yeah, the MIL stuff is hard. Keep it together sweetie.

Anonymous said...