Sunday, July 06, 2008

there's gotta be a 12-step program for this

Last night I had a total meltdown. In what is evolving into a theme here, I tried to find something, couldn't find it, wanted something to eat, couldn't see anything in the fridge that wasn't rotten or otherwise unfit for consumption, decided to go to bed and had to wade through an ankle-deep pool of clothes to get there.

I am so tired of being a slob. I have to dig through a huge pile of shirts to find the five - count 'em, five - that actually fit and flatter me. Every night I pick up and shake 5 or more pill bottles to find the one with pills in it, because I'm too lazy to throw out the empties. Kali has 8 pacifiers. Right now we can only find one.

I've done FlyLady before, never for long. I suck at "baby steps". I don't know exactly how this is all going to change, but something's gotta give. I can't live this way.

Does anybody know where I can find a meeting of "Slobs Anonymous"? And is anyone coming with me?


Aurelia said...

My only advice---hire someone to come in and clean and organize your stuff just once, then start fresh with flylady or another system.

I never could start from disaster, just me perhaps?

shelbel said...

Will you jack me if I tell you to go shine your sink?

I love flylady, but I fall sometimes. Okay, I fall a lot. But I'm always surprised how well everything falls into place when I'm at least *trying*.

Just try. Tomorrow, right now, 15 minutes. You won't get it all done in one day, but you'll get *something* done, and something is better than nothing.

Goodness, I've been reading that site too long.

Maybe Aurelia is right...just hire someone.


Heather said...

I use different color hangers for different types/sizes of clothes. In your case you could use different baskets on the floor maybe?

Rachel Inbar said...

My daughter says that I'm organized because I'm lazy... I usually know exactly where everything is - because I get really frustrated when I can't find things, so I've gotten used to putting them where I can find them. And I hate, HATE tripping on things, so any time I see something on the floor I pick it up...

Usually I do one big project at a time - I dump everything from one area into a pile and one-by-one put the things away. Sometimes it's OK and sometimes I detest it (like yesterday).

Good luck!

The Impatient Patient said...

I will come to slobs anonymous with you!!!! Now that I'm (finally!!!) expecting, I have a reason to get organized!!!
Where do I sign up???

Anonymous said...

no great assvice other than, yah, hire someone. Even to come in every other week...we've been doing it (sans baby, as you know!) and it has calmed me down greatly! we're lucky to be able to swing it and it's definitely worth the extra buck....
having said that, we are getting rid of yet another person so if you find somebody really good hang on to them...and let me know!!!!

Dagny said...

Sorry hun, I think I am the prez of slobs of the world.

good luck.


Michele said...

OMG!!! I will totally join Slobs Anonymous with you!!!! I tried Flylady, but dang, some days (most days) I don't even do the 15 minutes she recommends.

I'd love to have someone come in and clean, but before they can come in, I have to find homes for all the crap that is in piles everywhere so that can get to where the cleaning needs done.

There's only one room in the house that's halfway clean, and it's the room that Kevin is in most of the time. The living room.

JoLynn said...

Messies Anonymous.
Seriously! Google it.