Friday, October 10, 2008

Once again...


That is all. Now go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Aurelia said...

Oh crap, I'm sorry.

We should talk anyway. Let's get together next week.

Dagny said...

Didn't know you were trying again so soon? Or was that just a whoops? LOL Either way, I hope you get what you want easier this time!!!!!

I will be living in Toronto for my stimms this round (yes, round #2 of ivf has begun...ugh) so I'll make sure to call you. Should be there for over a week I figure, so I hope to see you finally!!!!!


ms. c said...


I am interested to hear your thoughts on #2.

And, for the record, I'VE missed you!

Anonymous said...

Deja vu...I thought I was on the wrong month?!?!
Sorry it's a bfn...sorry, my friend.

And girlfriend...I ALwAYS check on you...and i was getting bloody well sick of the last post!!!
Always happy to hear from you!