Thursday, October 30, 2008

Educational toys

Long before I had Kali, I was of the opinion that educational toys were a crock. Is the world around us not educational? I would wonder. I'd scoff at the parents with every possible or Lea-p-f-rog toy in the children's playroom. Educational, my ass, I would say. These toys are just doing the parents' job.

And now I am a parent, and while I love my job, sometimes mommy needs to do something very important, like Check her email for hilarious forwarded jokes or Call her best friend. And now I understand the appeal of educational toys.

And so, as a service to my readers, I am pleased to present a list of...

Decemberbaby's favourite educational toys!

1. Learning laundry basket
This high-quality plastic basket with perforated sides will amuse and entertain your baby while teaching important lessons for any developmental stage. Throwing neatly folded clothes out of the basket, Junior will learn about cause and effect and will experience a variety of textures and colours. Climbing into the basket will develop baby's proprioceptive sense. More advanced children will exercise their sense of compassion when mommy turns the basket upside down on them, simulating the experience of children in captivity. Fun for all ages, the learning laundry basket is easy to clean, portable, and can double as an infant bassinet.

2. The big stone fireplace
Featuring real stone and a working flue handle, the big stone fireplace is a hit with our junior testers. The variety of shapes and textures stimulate baby's developing brain while the flue handle exercises her fine motor skills. Hear baby squeal with delight as the wind comes whooshing down the chimney and into her face! Note: rocks may be hard and/or sharp. Adult supervision recommended. Do not play with The big stone fireplace if there is already a fire in it.

3. The clothes dryer
The clothes dryer offers hours of educational fun! Baby can push the buttons, turn on and off the drum light, start and stop the dryer, and watch the clothing spin. Includes a load of clothing so that baby can fill and empty the dryer over and over again. Note: not for use as a ride. Do not put baby to sleep on top of dryer. Do not put baby IN the dryer, you nitwit.

4. Stainless steel step can
Babies love looking at themselves. With the stainless steel step can, baby can see himself from any angle. He'll enjoy pushing the pedal and making the top flip open. Best of all, when in lying-down mode, the can can't roll away because the step pedal acts as a natural kickstand. Great for encouraging baby to crawl and to pull up!

5. Sleeping bag bolster
It's soft, it's round, it rolls on the ground, it makes a squishity sound... it's a sleeping bag in a bag! Roll it back and forth - its specially designed cylindrical shape keeps it from rolling off in a different direction! Baby will love to crawl along behind this toy as it rolls. And when it's naptime, she can snuggle up to it. A fabulous travel toy!

Why yes, we did spend a few hours in the basement while I folded laundry. Why do you ask?


SMH said...

Adendum to dryer. When baby has reached the age of four years old, she might have an irresistable urge to climb into things. The dryer is excellent for this, provided that it is empty of clothes and the door is not closed. The child can have fun turning the drum, and sometimes, the dryer can just be a fun little place for the child to sit and think. Also, yelling into the dryer-vent at the back makes for a fun echoing sound which can fascinate the child for hours on end.

(Yes, I used to crawl into the dryer when I was young.) It is best to have a parent in the room where the dryer is when the child is engaged in this activity. :)


Dagny said...


I you need to write more and publish. I am crying here.


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Chris said...

If those are all a hit with your family you may want to look into Empty Cardboard Box, Dog Food/Dish and/or Receipt from Walgreens. These items all receive rave reviews from the testers in my home.

Jimmy Jarred said...

Thanks for all these gaming ideas which children love to play. I am excited about all these games and will share these with my friends too.