Friday, April 10, 2009


I feel like such a badass.

Last night, and the night before, I snuck away from the seder table to shoot up in the bathroom. 50 of Puregon.

It stung. Badly. I would have yelled, but Kali was asleep in an adjoining room and I didn't want to wake her. That in itself was a sobering and steadying thought. Whatever it takes, however much it hurts, having a baby asleep in the next room is worth it.

Nevertheless, when Mr. December came to find me and ask how it went, I had to express myself. "That fucking stings like a motherfucker!!!" Yep, I'm an eloquent, articulate university graduate. Can you tell?

This morning's stats:

Lining: 7 mm
Follicles: 1.5, 1.2, 1.1, 1.3, and some tiny ones

Nice Jewish Doctor has advised us that our chance of multiples is much higher this cycle due to the Puregon. He figures we'll end up with three or four mature follicles. I seriously doubt we'd end up with anything more than twins, since last time we had 2 gorgeous follicles and only one baby. We'll see.

Next monitoring appointment is on Sunday morning. I don't celebrate easter, but I still think it's cool that we'll be doing an egg hunt that day.


Aurelia said...

Let the alcohol dry before you do the injection and it will sting less.

And bring along some chocolate eggs on Sunday. I hear they go well with dildocams!


Dora said...

Egg hunt on Easter for the Jew. Perfect! Good luck!!

Erin said...

I am so hoping and praying that this is it!! Sorry it stings so bad, I can not imagine! Have fun at the egg hunt! Lots of love!

Caro said...

Here's hoping the bunny brings you lots of eggs today.

Ms. Perky said...

Hope things went well yesterday. Agree with Aurelia re: letting the alcohol dry - also make sure you go in at a 90 degree angle.

I had Shabbos dinner at a Rabbi's house and snuck away from the table to shoot up Follistim and Luveris in his bathroom last week. I also had seder at his house first night, but I was able to take my injections right before we left for his house that night. Heh.

Too funny.

eve said...

Hope this is your BFP cycle! Maybe try to ice the spot before the injection?