Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you will be inseminated - resistance is futile.

We had our IUI this morning. We had 16 million motile sperm post-wash, and at least three mature follicles, and the doctor said our chances look good. Really, though, do they ever tell you your chances look bad?

So my insecure, pathological concern right now is, I didn't feel ovulation at all. What if I didn't ovulate? And now, as I type this, I have the most painful ovaries ever. So what are the chances that it took longer than usual for the trigger to work and I'm only now ovulating? And if that's the case, and we inseminated 6 hours ago, what's the chance that the sperm are still waiting around in my ute?


14 more days to beta.


Aurelia said...

Relax, sperm live for hours and hours.

Besides, the buggers are trapped!

Hee hee

Michelle said...

I love a good Star Trek reference! best of luck!

Caro said...

You know I discovered years ago (during my PhD) that sperm live for days at room temperature in a pot in the lab. In your nice warm lady-bits - bound to be fine for a while.

Ms. Perky said...

Yes, I have had a doctor tell me that my chances in a given cycle were not good. In my experience, doctors are generally honest.