Friday, November 13, 2009

Hormonal much?

My MIL is spending the day with us, playing with Kali.

Her voice is grating on me. Her habit of over-pronouncing words is driving me to distraction. Kali is young, not hard-of-hearing. I'm pretty sure she can hear all the sounds in that word, given the fact that she can SAY it correctly. I'm just sayin', ya know?

And I'd appreciate it if grandparents were just a bit more able to focus on one activity at a time, instead of talking about all the fun things they're gonna do next. 'Cuz Kali was eating her omelette very nicely until a certain someone mentioned reading stories... I'm just sayin'.

And really, Kali is pretty independent for a toddler. Please do not hover while she climbs the junglegym. She's been doing it by herself since August. Also, it's hard to climb when somebody else's body is just an inch away from yours. I'm just sayin'.

It is difficult for me to conclude my business with the window guy the insurance sent me when someone else keeps butting in with questions of vinyl vs. wood. We've already made the decision. This is my house, and I reserve the right to know my own mind. It's rude to start asking pointed questions obviously aimed at trying to get me to reconsider. I'm just sayin'.

I guess what I'm really just sayin' is that I need to get out of this house, or else MIL does. I can nap through pretty much anything, but sadly her strident voice does not fall into that category.


Stacy said...

omg Amen! I understand!!!! Try having your MIL living next door!

Jem said...

Isn't the idea of having the grandparent there so it takes some of the pressure off the PG woman? I say slip away and go do something wonderful for YOU!! Massage, facial, trip to the library to find an exscapism book.

If MIL is taking said child to the park, do you have to go, too? Isn't THAT when you should be napping?

Dora said...

Having met the woman, if only for a few minutes, I can imagine! And of course hormones make it harder.

Caro said...

just caught up with your news so slightly belated congrats!!!

Also MIL's - bluergh!

Jay3fer said...

I knew there was a reason I chose a MIL who lives 600 kilometres away!!! :-)))