Monday, May 03, 2010

Mamma Mia!

Now, it could be the music, or the fact that the entire set and most of the costumes were in my favourite colour scheme, or the half-naked singing and dancing Colin Firth. It could be any of those things... but why split hairs? I've just finished watching Mamma Mia (the movie), and I feel marginally less awful.

I'm on self-imposed bedrest today. Given the fact that I have a babysitter here til Kali's bedtime it just seems wise. I hope to be well enough tomorrow that I can actually take care of Kali all day instead of having to pawn her off on the grandparents like I did all weekend. I miss my little girl.


Jay3fer said...

As Kali & Chen were walking past on their way home, I called goodbye and that I hoped you'd be feeling better soon (deduct it from her pay if she didn't pass along the message!).
After they'd gone, Gavriel Zev turned to me with this look of alarm and said "What HAPPENED to Kali's mama???"
I assured him you just had a "sniffle." :-)

Reena said...

Feel Better!