Thursday, September 03, 2009

dial "N" for "neurotic"

Every time I peed today, I couldn't help noticing that I have a ton of EWCM. So I decided to check out what the ol' cervix was up to... and discovered that cervix is very much open, and high, and soft, and all of the other things associated with ovulation and/or an abundance of estrogen.

So I put it to the internets: isn't suprefact supposed to supress estrogen? If it is, and if I'm on a daily dose of suprefact, why is my body acting like it's on an estrogen high?


JV said...

I have PCOS and had a similar effect from being on Lupron - it turned out I had developed a cyst. The doctor said there is a small but significant percentage of women that reacts that way to suppression - maybe you could let your doctor know how you are feeling.

Jay3fer said...

Sorry - I was so caught up in my own headspace on Friday that I didn't see this. You are definitely one in a bazillion. Small but significant!