Sunday, September 06, 2009

One in a thousand.

That's the number of women for whom Suprefact produces the opposite of the intended effect. One in a thousand. And I, dear internets, am that one.

Dr. Eyebrows was playing wand-monkey today. As soon as the probe was in, I saw it: my left ovary, completely taken over by two huge follicles. And my uterus, with a fat-looking triple-striped lining. No wonder my body was getting all estrogenic on me.

"So," I asked, "do we IUI these beauties?"

"Oh, yes." Said Dr. Eyebrows. "And if you get pregnant off this cycle, there's another case study in the making." He admired the perfect 9 mm lining, the gorgeous 2.1 and 2.0 follicles, and then printed off a picture for my file. I have to admit, it is a very pretty picture. I haven't had a response that beautiful in... um... ever? Maybe suprefact should be my IUI protocol from now on.

Anyhow, IUI is on Monday morning. We've decided to go whole hog and sign up for in-clinic acupuncture before and after the IUI. To be honest, I'm not that optimistic - the last five IUI's haven't worked, and what are the chances that was just dumb luck? But you never know. Maybe, just maybe...

Oh, and I shot up (HCG trigger) in a public bathroom again. Surely that counts for something, no?


Caro said...

Good luck

JV said...

I'm right in that small percentage with you... I'm glad to hear about the good response though, and that the cycle isn't a bust! Two follicles...way better than a cyst :-) Good luck! I got pregnant the following cycle, after the suppression and my funky reaction to it, once the cyst was resolved - so maybe it'll bring you luck as well!

Aurelia said...

Ok, interesting, because I got pregnant this time on a wonky cycle, as well, where it continued, and then boom, eggs, everywhere.

So, lie in the sun today for the D, both of you, and take a zillion tonnes of folic acid. Can't hurt, might help.

And remember what worked for both of us last time? The visit to the wall, for prayers? Well, Jewish holiday prayers must count for something, even if a Catholic says them. So I'm praying.

Jay3fer said...

I agree with James! India is definitely the place to manage all aspects of your IUI experience.

But seriously, acupuncture is one of the least controversial branches of "alternative" medicine because there are such good statistics associated with it. Good luck.

(that is my Scully/skeptic persona's way of cheering GO FOR IT!)

Karen said...

Suprefact and Lupron work the same way - and I was one of the one in a thousand that had that effect with Lupron in one of my four Lupron cycles. Really sucky (but did NOT IUI the little buggers) - that was one of my cancelled cycles.

Good luck!