Friday, February 06, 2009


I held my pee for 4 hours... it looked nice and concentrated. Anyhow, both the digital and the regular test say I'm not pregnant. My period is still awol. I still have zero symptoms either way.

Today is 16 dpo.


Chris said...

SO frustrating! I hope something happens over the weekend (and hopefully it's a BFP!).

Paint it Black said...

I just stumbled across your blog and read a few posts. We are in the same boat, kinda-I am 14-16dpo on Saturday (today my time)

I am going nuts as my cycle could be due anytime next week or as late as 10 days making this a 4 week wait.

Just want to say, I hear you, waiting sux!! Come read my blog if you want to see someone going completly nuts!!

Aurelia said...

Crap....well keep wearing really expensive white underwear and it will show up for sure!

Karen said...

Seriously, schedule that interview with the tight white pants??

(I laughed out loud and read that entry to my husband, by the way!)

And yes, yes my dear, we simply must meet someday. I'll be sure to bring along some snickerdoodles. And brownies. :)