Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nothing to see here...

Life is boring in a very, very good way. I'm on my third dose of Femara... I have monitoring again on Monday morning. Kali is adorable as ever, although she's sick again and has crazy separation anxiety to boot. Mr. December and I went to a movie tonight.

Oh, I guess there is one remarkable thought I had recently. Tonight we went to Toys "are" Us to find Kali a baby doll, since she's so intrigued by other babies. Why is it that all of the baby dolls *do* something? They coo, or giggle, or talk, or pee. And they all seem to do it when they sense movement nearby. Seriously, it was the creepiest aisle in the whole toy store. What's up with that?

Needless to say, we did not buy Kali a doll. I think I'll have to go to one of the higher-end toy stores to find a doll that isn't technologically advanced.


Anonymous said...

Some of the dolls out there really scare me.

Aurelia said...

Yeah, actually the toy store near your old apartment is a good place for that. Give it a shot.

And if you need anyone to watch Kali on Monday, let me know. We're on antibiotics all of us, and recovering quite well, so she can't hurt us, and we can't hurt her.