Friday, February 27, 2009


I know that progesterone is a good thing - at least for any developing embryos I may be harboring. But... man oh man, I hate progesterone so much. It's my best/worst frenemy.

I'm hungry. all. the. time. I can feel my pants getting tighter and my ass getting fatter. And thanks in advance for the generous suggestion that it might just be bloating, but... really... it's not. It's the food I keep eating. Thanks, progesterone.

I'm exhausted. I keep napping whenever Kali naps. Sometimes I put her down when she's not even tired in the hope that she'll at least lie there quietly so I can catch a 30-minute nap. Thanks, progesterone.

And I'm irritable with myself, because I know how blessed I am that I'm able to pursue treated cycles like this.

At least the sex is really, Really, REALLY good. Thanks, progesterone.


Aurelia said...

Yeah, it is a real frenemy isn't it? I have quite the love hate relationship with it myself!

eve said...

All IF treatment is a frenemy isn't it? So sorry the big P is making you suffer. And I struggle with guilt about the whole thing too...I hope you feel better soon!


Eve (infertility rocks)