Sunday, March 01, 2009

been there, done that... I think.

It's 6 dpo. Okay, scratch that. It's after midnight, so I guess it's 7 dpo. Is it too soon to think anything of the wretched cramps I'm feeling?

I'd love to be all hopeful and blow sunshine out my ass. But really, the chance of pregnancy in any given IUI cycle is only okay. Besides, my pulse is still slow and I've yet to have a gushing nosebleed - my hallmark early pregnancy sign.

I won't POAS. Partly because I don't have any tests left after last month's mindfuck, and partly because I just don't want to. So there. I'm supposed to get my beta done next Sunday (although I might go on Monday instead, because they won't run the bloodwork until Monday anyhow). Maybe I'll POAS on Monday morning. If I am, by some miracle, pregnant... it'll be a good day to find out. Purim is Monday night. It's the holiday when we're commanded to get drunk off our asses (along with other, perhaps more noble, religious observances) and I'd hate to accidentally pickle an embryo.


Gil said...

Nuh uh... No POAS hon. I'm in that boat with you too. I refused to do it!

BTW, you've been nominated for an Honest Scrap Award! Peek at my blog for details! *hugs*

butterflyanla said...

I say hold off on the evil stick! What sort of costume is your daughter wearing?

decemberbaby said...

Anla ~ um, I have no idea. I've really procrastinated on the costume thing this time.