Monday, March 09, 2009

Well, duh.

I'm not pregnant. When the nurse called and told me that the test was negative, I said, "yeah, I know."

"Oh," she said, "did you already start bleeding?"

I rolled my eyes. "No, but I've done this many times, and I've been pregnant twice. It was pretty obvious. The three HPT's were a bit of a clue, too."

I'm amazed that a clinic that deals with infertiles all the time isn't more accustomed to those of us who really know our bodies.

Mr. December convinced me to take the progesterone last night "just in case". So I guess we'll be seeing AF sometime around Wednesday.


eve said...

Oh I truly am sorry for your BFN and negative beta. It just hurts, that's the only thing I can say. It hurts.

The only cure for my pain is usually a nice big maragarita.


Dagny said...

I'm sorry man. :(


Aurelia said...

I'm sorry about the BFN, even if you were expecting it. sucks.

Are you going to try again this cycle, or skip one?

Paint it Black said...

Sorry, I totally know how you feel. I am spotting so can't even be bothered having agreed bloods tomorrow as I know I will pull an awful negative.


decemberbaby said...

Aurelia ~ I'm gonna try again this cycle. My goal is to get pregnant and sitting this cycle out doesn't really move me towards that goal, KWIM?

Dora said...

Sorry. Sucks even when you know. I agree with the drink recommendation. Or two or three. (And I have the headache today to show for it.)

Chris said...

Well crap. I'm sorry :-(