Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My nose is stuffy. Not like "it's congested and I can clear it by blowing my nose". Nope, it's more like "my nasal passages just feel narrower somehow". I remember this feeling from last time I was pregnant, but it sure as hell wasn't an EPS. Mind you, last time I was pregnant the 2ww passed in a blur of being majorly sick. So really, I don't know. I sure as hell don't think I'm pregnant, but that's probably just a defense mechanism rather than an actual intuitive feeling. After all, I have had an awful lot of pelvic twinges lately...

What I do know for sure is that I have almost another week of progesterone hell. I was so tired this afternoon that I took a nap, and then was awake enough to hear Kali crying, then wailing, then screaming, but I couldn't actually move my body. That was trippy, and not in a good way. I'm bloated to the point where I can't wear my jeans unless I unbutton them, so I've been wearing yoga pants all day.

It's 10 dpo. Five more days til beta. Shouldn't I be feeling something - one way or the other - by now?


Michelle said...

are you going to do a home test?

eve said...

The 2 ww messes with me every time! Twinges, naseau, sore BB's...seems the LEAST amount of symptoms I ever had was when I was actually preggo.

GL on your beta!!!! Not too long to wait!!!!

Eve http://infertilityrocks.wordpress.com/