Thursday, March 19, 2009


Kali is a toddler now. I observed this while watching her lie down on her stomach, kick her legs, and cry simultaneously. She grabs toys from others and chases little boys around, yelling, until she catches them and gives them gigantic hugs. Most of the boys are afraid of her.

The honeymoon is over. I now have a toddler who behaves like a caveman (don't they all?), and it's time to civilize her. Better prepare the time-out corner.


Aurelia said...

Yep.....ouch, not the most fun part of parenting, but it's certainly necessary.

Chris said...

Toddlerhood caught me off guard too. This is undoubtedly the most hilarious/trying time in my life :-)

eve said...

Oh my son is a total caveman! Any tips on civliizing? We could use them here!!!!

Congrats on your new toddler adventures...potty training especially has been one!