Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm crampy.

Mr. December and I can now say, if this cycle is successful, that the day our second child was conceived we had a really lovely date prior to conception. We had a leisurely brunch, browsed at the bookstore, took a walk through our old 'hood... in short, it was very nice.

Post-wash, we ended up with about 20 million motile sperm. Morphology was around 20%, which I gather is not great. At last check my lining was 0.7 and growing, and the follicle was 2.1. The chance of this cycle resulting in a pregnancy is about 20%, possibly a bit more since we already know that I can get pregnant.

But numbers don't matter at all. I learned this when I became part of the "tiny percentage" of pregnant women who miscarry after seeing a healthy heartbeat. All the sperm counts, lining measurements, and percentages really don't matter. Ultimately either I get pregnant, or I don't - and for me it really won't matter how it would have gone for the majority of the population.

So here I sit, trying to remember whether I was this crampy after IUI last time, and wondering whether it's a good sign, a bad sign, or a sign of nothing in particular.

Let the obsession begin!


Aurelia said...


I am very excited for you. As for numbers? Who knows, maybe it works, maybe it takes another cycle or two, but you have done your best. ((hugs))

Dora said...

Yup. Numbers don't matter. We can obsess during this 2ww together.

Hoping you're cooking another one as cute as Kali.

Karen said...

Wishing you good luck! I'm thinking of you! (there was no rhyme or reason to my crampiness after IUIs. Sometimes I was crampy and sometimes I was not and it never reflected on whether I'd end up pregnant that cycle... so take that for what it's worth).

Elizabeth said...

Holding lots of hope for you!

annacyclopedia said...

Came from the L&F to wish you good luck in the wait.

eve said...

Good luck to you!!!!!!!

ICLW! (Eve from infertility rocks!)

ms. c said...

I wish you so much luck with this cycle, hon!

the statistics/nubers games are very hard. They play with your mind like crazy. I feel for you as you sit an obsess!

Chris said...

Best of luck to you!