Saturday, July 11, 2009

6dpo, and clarification

It's 6dpo... again.

Not that I have anything to report, because our last cycle led me to conclude that there are absolutely no reliable, definitive EPS. No, I'm just kinda keeping count... so that I remember to go in for my beta next week.

It's not that I'm totally pessimistic. In my book, pessimism is saying, "this isn't going to work, because it never works, and I'm never gonna get pregnant." I really do think I'm just realistic. "This probably won't work, because - let's face it - IUI only boasts a 25% chance of working in any given cycle. So it could work, but it probably won't. Whatever." See the difference?

I have a favourite quote about ttc, from my former favourite show on TV: "G-d is going to send us a baby. We just have to do all the paperwork, and be persistent to the point of obnoxious." (Charlotte on SATC)

I can do obnoxious. Embarrassingly well, actually. Please, just remind me not to shoot any obnoxious my in-laws' way... they probably got enough from me when we were ttc the first/second time.


Aurelia said...

None of it works as well as rolling the dice.

And demanding a few dozen more tests! But you know I already think that about everything.

Look, it will work, or it won't. Regardless, I will still be here.

Jay3fer said...

I assume you can't do hpt's at home because of the hcg from the trigger? In any event, I'd (nevertheless) be poas like crazy (though I knew mamas who did that and drove themselves almost crazy not knowing). Anyway, thinking of you as the dpo's tick on by... those were the most excruciating MINUTES of my life; honestly.