Thursday, July 23, 2009

Irrational IVF fear

This is gonna sound really stupid, because I'm sure that there are scarier aspects of IVF (like the sedation, or the bigass needle they poke THROUGH your vagina to get to the eggs), but I'm really scared of PIO. It sounds like a giant scary shot that'll leave me with a lumpy, itchy ass, and I want no part of it.

Aurelia - does our clinic use PIO? Or will Dr. Eyebrows let me get away with the suppositories?


Anonymous said...

This cycle was entirely PIO free.

Aurelia said...

As far as I know, our clinic does not do PIO ever, because Dr.Eyebrows does not find it anymore effective than any other way of doing it. (If you demanded it, you could have it, and if you go to the video site Mel runs there is a less painful way of doing it, but meh...)

But if your progesterone levels are fine, you could stick with suppositories or prometrium.

We should get together when I get back, you sound like you need a ((hug)).

Gil said...

Sending a virtual hug from up the road in Ottawa. And even if you DID have to do PIO, trust me... you'd get through it. I did, and I am the biggest f*cking wuss when it comes to needles. Seriously. I'm the chick who pulled her own IV out, remember?! Here's hoping whatever you end up using works spectacularly well!

Dora said...

Sounds like you wouldn't have to use PIO. All the studies I've read (and I've read a lot!) say vag p works just as well for MOST people. I was just one of the unlucky ones. I won't lie to you, PIO was damn painful. But not as painful as not being pregnant.

ms. c said...

You know what... I don't blame you one bit!! After hearing loads and loads about others' PIO, I'm praying that I never have to do it either!

Lisa said...

I have to get PIO to prevent preterm labor - it may not be the exact same formulation of progesterone, its called 17 alpha hy-
droxyprogesterone caproate but it is in oil. . Anyways, I've never had a problem taking it at all. My dad gives me the injections weekly and occasionally it has been slightly sore the next day, but nothing bad at all. It IS a difficult shot to give, in the sense that it is in oil, and its hard to suck it up into the needle, and it takes longer to express it, but its never been anything more than very minorly painful - like a 1 out of 10 on the pain scale . Anwyays, hope this helps. Kian is crying his fool head off while I write this, so gotta go!

Ms. Perky said...

Here's my dish on the PIO -
My clinic, which has traditionally ALWAYS used PIO, has switched almost exclusively to endometrin suppositories (except in rare circumstances) because the endometrin is just as effective.

*I* am one of the rare exceptions and here's why: *I* am a freak of nature and I *prefer* the PIO because I don't want to put *anything* else in my lady bits that I don't have to AND I also know myself and I know that I can NOT be compliant with any medication regimen that requires that I take medication 3x per day (as the endometrin requires). The PIO is once per day.

I was PETRIFIED of the PIO. Absolutely petrified.

And now? I give myself my OWN PIO shots when my husband isn't available to do them! They're really not that bad. Honest.


But basically? If they're terrifying you that much? Your doctor probably wouldn't make you do them, because the studies really don't support a need to use PIO - endometrin does a fine job for progesterone support.