Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do not be alarmed, it was just a dream.

A dream in which...

I exited the mall and found my car blocked in by bags of groceries.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, looks like a carjacking is about to go down. I looked around and identified a likely culprit - a skinny blond kid (maybe 15 years old?) in the next car over. I decided that I'd rather face off against the kid than deal with the insurance nightmare of getting my car replaced.

Cut to me in the backseat of the moving car, getting really pissed off because not only has the kid carjacked me, he's eating the snack that I bought for myself to enjoy on the drive home! The gall! It was clearly time to act.

I grabbed both his hands and got them behind his head. Suddenly my big brother was in the car with me, holding the steering wheel while I held the kid's wrists together. My brother steered the car home (to our childhood home, in which we haven't lived for the last six years). We wrestled the kid inside and I called 911.

The first time I called I got a recording:
Thank you for calling 911. Please hold for the next available operator. If you would like to speak to a supervisor, press 2. (in an undertone, I heard the same voice mutter, "they'd better not press 2. The supervisor's not here today.") I called again and this time got a lady who pretty much laughed me off the phone, even after I told her I had interrupted a carjacking in progress. She seemed to think it was no big deal, and told me that they had nobody who could deal with the situation at present.

Cut to the family room. The kid is lounging on the couch with my two brothers (waiting for the cops to come to their senses and pick him up? I don't know). He reveals that he just lives up the street with his mom and sister. Just then, a uniformed guy arrives at the door. He sizes up the situation and charges the kid with "being a dumb criminal" ("you make the real criminals look bad, kid. Don't try this again.") and congratulates me on having thwarted the boy. My dad arrives home and tries to "tip" the officer with a $50 bill. Somehow my brothers make it seem like the officer got the money, but manage to get it out of sight before the officer sees that he's been offered a tip/bribe. He takes the kid home. As they leave, I realize that the officer's uniform says "forestry and recreation" - he's some kind of park ranger. The 911 dispatcher couldn't be bothered to send the police.

Any interpretations, dear readers?

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FosterAbba said...

You are a weirdo? LOL.

If I was a dream interpreter (which I'm not) I'd say that it reflects your feelings of powerlessness and your desire to take charge and fix the situation. It also seems that your subconscious might be saying that it feels like the people who are in power who are supposed to be helping you aren't doing a very good job of it.