Thursday, October 08, 2009

eggs behaving badly

We just got the fertilization report:

11 eggs
9 were mature
2 fertilized

Yes, that's right. Only two fertilized. The lab said they'd watch them til tomorrow to give the rest a chance, but so far these eggs definitely look like underachievers.

So much for having extras to freeze...


Anonymous said...


Did they ICSI them?

Pulling for the 2.

FosterAbba said...

Bad eggs! No cookie.

Silliness aside, I'm sorry you didn't have better results. I'll be praying that at least one of the two works out.

Jay3fer said...

Twinnies! Ha ha ha, but seriously, maybe! Two's enough. Like lottery tickets: all Hashem needs is for you to buy one. If you're gonna win, He'll do the rest.

JV said...

Crap, I am sure you're disappointed, I know I would be. It's not an ideal start - but as previous commenters, I am also hoping that those two are golden.

Aurelia said...

Pulling for the two as well, and yeah, wondering, did they ICSI them, and ummm, could it be the sperm and not the eggs? Just because sometimes sperm have issues that prevent them from getting into the egg, or even noticing the egg receptors.