Monday, October 12, 2009

Phineas and Barnaby

On Saturday, we transferred two 8-celled embryos. They were our only two, and I'm thankful that they both seemed to be dividing and growing properly. We were given a lovely picture of the two of them - it's now up on my fridge, which seems silly even to me, but was the only place safe from toddler interference.

The embryos need nicknames. I've finally settled on Phineas and Barnaby... you know, these guys (from Family Guy):

I can just imagine them in there, riding their ridiculous turn-of-the-century bicycle and working out with microscopic little anvils. Oh, and implanting themselves.

Beta will be October 23.


Aurelia said...

crossing fingers like mad hon. Go embies Go!

Caro said...

Also crossing fingers

tara said...

crossed fingers, sending positive thoughts & loving the names!