Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's all good...

We've moved in. We're finally sleeping at our house, as dusty and gross as it is. We have a wardrobe in our bedroom now, so we can upack our clothes. I spent this evening scrubbing our bathroom (there were globs of dried grout and caulking [i]everywhere[/i]) and unpacking our toiletries into it. Before and after pictures will be posted, but probably not for a couple of weeks because...

My computer has died.


Our internet isn't hooked up yet.

So forgive me for not posting as frequently as before. If you need me, call. My phone is working. Otherwise I'll be back online as soon as I can.

Oh, and I had my 18-week ultrasound on Thursday. It's stupid, the technician isn't allowed to comment at all... so we saw Lumpy, but no word on whether all the measurements are normal, AND no word on the sex. We have to wait til our next doc appointment for that.


Aurelia said...

Your computer Died? But, it looked just fine! It was such a lovely healthy silver color! Arghhh.

I'm glad about the ultrasound, and if it's any comfort, if something was really wrong, they don't let you leave. They would've called in the Radiologist to see you in person, and then called your Doc and sent you there ASAP.

Because you were allowed to leave and no one said a thing, it means you are perfectly utterly normal and healthy, and so is Lumpy.

(That's how they work it here in T.O. anyway, not sure about elsewhere)

We should get together, with Reality and some other T.O. bloggers. I'll call you!

Gil said...

I'm glad to hear that you loved Vegas. I'm glad to hear that the ultrasound itself went well, even though you don't 'technically' have any results. I'm thrilled that you got the move over and done with, even if you are sleeping surrounded by dust! And I'm not so glad to hear about your computer. Frankly, that sucks. Blah. Just stopped by to say hi to you and to give you best wishes hon. You're right... "It's all good." *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I am up for a get together!!

I am glad Lumpy is fine, per Aurelia's diagnosis!

I am sorry your computer died. I was secretly happy when I killed mine, it meant I could get a new one!