Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nothin says lovin like...

... puking up half a large pizza and a jumbo bubble tea.

Yes, I am 19 and a half weeks pregnant. Yes, "morning sickness" (don't get me started on that misnomer) is supposed to get better for most people at the end of the first tri. Once again, I am in an uncomfortable minority.

My diclectin ran out. As in, no more refills. I don't see my doc til Wednesday. I honestly thought it wouldn't be a problem... maybe my nausea had gone away. Right? Right? Wrong.

I'm back to feeling brutally hungry in an instant, then progressing to nauseated. If *anything* smells a little off (like the inside of my brand new dishwasher), I gag. Sometimes that escalates to full-on puking. The entire contents of my stomach, gone. So much for nourishing Lumpy. Fortunately I've got enough fat reserves for the kid to live off until he graduates from university.

At least Mr. December got it right last night. While I was hunched over our lovely new toilet, he massaged my shoulders, stroked my hair, and said "you're doing great, honey. I'm so proud of you." I know it sounds over the top right now, but I swear it made me feel ten times better. And it was way better than his usual "eww! don't forget to flush twice!"

So yeah, that's where I am. Too sensitive to smells to do much around the house (the whole place is full of strange smells). Too nauseated to fix myself a meal, but hungry all the time.

But it's all okay...

Lumpy kicked me this morning. That makes it all worthwhile.


Aurelia said...

Ummm, If you call the office in the a.m. they will phone in a prescription for more Diclectin for you, even if your Doc isn't in, one of the others will do it for you. And if you tell them you are feeling this badly, they may have more suggestions for you for other meds?

I'm really glad that lumpy kicked you!

ms. c said...

First of all, pretty much your entire post made ME want to hurl- thanks so much! ;)
But the end? That part where Lumpy kicked you? OMG, that must have been the most amazing thing EVER. I can't believe you're half way there. WOW!!

Jennifer said...

Yay for a kicking Lumpy!!

But damn, sorry you are still feeling pukey.

Hope you get relief soon!!!!!

Ariah said...

It's funny how a someone kicking you can instantly make you feel better, isn't it?

I'm sorry you're not feeling better - I hope the sickness goes away for good soon!

Anonymous said...

I guess one of the solutions is to have Mr. December do all the dishes!

Congrats on the kick!!

Barb said...

Awe.......I'm sorry Sara!
Hope this morning sickness ends for you soon.

I'm so glad your starting to feel little lumpy's kicks! That's so awsome.

Love & Hugs!!

Karen said...

I'm sorry, sweetie. I've been puking for six months, and I've been blaming it on the triplet factor, but I guess that's not the only reason! Sigh.

Definitely the kicking makes it worth it. Except in my case... when these monsters first started kicking... every time they kicked me, I threw up. EVERY TIME. Fortunately, we're over that.

Can you call your doctor to ask them to call in a script? Or do you think you can make it through until tomorrow?