Monday, August 06, 2007

What'd I miss?

Just got back from a long weekend in Vegas. I love Cirque du Soleil.

Very tired and not up to blogging much right now, but I wanted to reassure you that I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

So leave me comments... and tell me what happened, please. I need to catch up!


Aurelia said...

Well, I desperately need help furniture shopping!!!

And a bunch of blogs went password protect, and you finally got moved in, oh yeah, you knew that. whoops!

ms. c said...

Did you see LOVE?

Andria and Co. said...

what fun!!!

Jess said...

I totally forgot that you were in Vegas this weekend...glad that you guys had fun.
I haven't gotten an RSVP yet for my birthday...should I expect you? I really miss you.

Anonymous said...

Holy crappola!!!!
Glad you had a great weekend away after all of that!
You know I've used that company 3x in the past with no problems. But I recommended them to a friend last year and it was a nightmare for her. And now you. They are totally on my shit list!!!
Glad you're all moved in anyway!

Suzy said...

hi sara. i haven't been posting much lately, but wanted to let you know that i check in on you to see how you're doing! hope you had a nice trip.

LizzieK said...

I have been reading your blog since my miscarriage in July and it has inspired me to begin my own. I hope that my story turns out with just as happy of an ending as yours, thanks for sharing your experience. It has helped me through a dark time in my life. Lizzie

Anonymous said...

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