Sunday, August 26, 2007


Our toilet is working again. And we FINALLY have a working laundry room. Hooray!

We're going to install some flooring today... the hallway I did last week looks awesome, so here we go with Mr. December's office!

Last night I had a scary dream. It had nothing to do with my pregnancy, but I woke up with the feeling that something bad had happened. Immediately my thoughts turned to Lumpy... I dug out the doppler... it took a full 90 seconds to locate Lumpy's heartbeat, during which time I nearly stopped breathing. Finally - the "hoofbeat" sound I was looking for. I listened for 5 minutes until Lumpy moved away, presumably to get some shut-eye. Can't say I blame the kid - I was pretty exhausted myself. But it still took me a long time to get back to sleep.


My Reality said...

Glad the facilities are back in working order!!

Can you come put flooring in here next?

Erin said...

Glad you have a toilet again!! i can not imagine being pregnant and not having a toilet... Glad you and Lumpy are ok!!! Lots of love!