Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Musings on meat and other stuff

I did my Rosh Hashana shopping today, as I have ten (or maybe 12) people coming for dinner on Wednesday night. For those who are really interested (or just want to drool), here is the menu:

Challah (homemade)
Kosher Sushi
Carrot Ginger soup
Brisket in red wine
Roasted sweet potatoes
Lokshen Kugel
Grilled vegetables
Vegetarian kishke
Mango strawberry fruit salad
Banana chocolate chip cake

The real kicker here is... the brisket cost more than all the other ingredients combined. Thanks, kosher butchers! You really know how to gouge us. Jebus... 80 dollars for 6 pounds of beef. No wonder more people don't keep kosher.


Thank you all for your comments on my last post. There's definitely lots to think about.


Jenn update:
My friend Jenn, whose water broke at 17w5d with triplets, is hanging in there. All three babies still have strong heartbeats, and the two babies affected by the broken membranes are still moving around. Doctors still seem to feel that there's nothing to be done, but every day that the babies survive makes a miracle so much more likely.


X update:
Remember my good friend X? The one whose pregnancy I probably wouldn't have rejoiced in if I hadn't told her about our fertility struggle and found out about hers in return? Her twin daughters were born last Wednesday. Mazel Tov!


All in all, things are good. Sure, I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, and I'm constantly exhausted, and I think I might be turning lactose intolerant, but I'm ultimately very thankful for my life right now.

Lots of love to you all, including the lurkers and those who just don't visit much anymore. I miss you.


Caro said...

Don't know what all those things are but it sounds yummy.

Julie said...

OH MAN that menu sounds amazing. I'm saying screw Livvie's birthday and I'll be joining you for dinner.

I had the prenancy induced carpal tunnel too. It was awful. Try sleeping in a wrist brace, it helped a little.

Aurelia said...

Hey, you were up at 1 am too? Geez, we should've been on the phone!

Mmmmm, brisket, yummy. You'll have to give me the recipe. I don't think I'll bother with the kosher part though, sounds expensive.

Elizabeth said...

Still lurking :-)
$80????? Are you serious????

es said...

De-lurking to say shana tova, and that I am very intrigued by the carrot-ginger soup. Yum!

Anonymous said...

What time is dinner??

Elizabeth said...

I'm getting hungry reading your menu. Sounds so good.

Paula said...

I am lurker who visits still. Happy New Year!

Ariah said...

What time do we eat? Sounds delish!