Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not just a cliche anymore!

Well, here I am.

Mr. December is bringing the boss home, along with some of "the guys", for a friendly poker game. Since being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen wasn't enough of a cliche, I also prepared some snacks for them and cleaned up the house. Upon hearing about this my mother suggested that I wash up before they come home, and put on some high heels and some pearls. Then she snickered.

So yeah, I'm a walking, talking cliche. And you know what? I kinda like it.


Aurelia said...

You're only a cliche when photographic evidence exists, haha!

As for the pearls and heels baby, you have to wear them while you clean and serve martinis to be June Cleaver. Although you are in the right neighbourhood.

Caro said...

I'm loving this image.

ms. c said...

My husband loves to make that crack when I'm walking around the house barefoot.
(I hope you stayed OUT of those heels. Youch.)