Friday, August 14, 2009

Hm. BFN. Hm...

I didn't realize exactly how certain I've been that I'm pregnant. Apparently I'm very certain, because this morning I POAS and saw only one line, yet my only thought was "hm... I guess it's not ready to show up yet". So I guess I'm in BFN denial. I'm sure it's a protective measure, since I let my guard down for about two seconds just now and was overcome by a wave of sadness and disbelief.

Really, how could this cycle not work? I mean, I know it's possible. But we had good sperm, a fabulous lining, one big juicy follicle on each side... and I've been feeling so good about the cycle. And gagging, and almost puking, and yesterday my boobs were sore. How could it not work?


E. Phantzi said...

I'm so sorry.

Aurelia said...

So when is the beta? Monday?

Just because betas I trust, (And hey, think about asking for earlier betas from now on, because you could be getting pregnant, and having extremely early miscarriages, and they won't show up if you do betas after14 or 16 days.

And then you would be getting sick, from early pg symptoms, but then it ends.

Which is crummy, but it would change the course of your treatment possibly.

Chris said...

It is still crazy early - 11 DPO, right? I didn't get a BFP until after 14dpo either time. I'm not giving up on you yet!