Monday, August 17, 2009

What would you do?

Forgot to mention: we're scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Eyebrows on August 25. If we wait for that, we'll essentially lose a month - or we could do a last-ditch IUI, have our consultation during that cycle, and then do the IVF starting in September.

Alternately, we can just go with the protocol that Nice Jewish Doctor has recommended, and skip the consultation altogether.

What would you do?


Aurelia said...

I'm so sorry about all this. Crap crap, shit, damn, hell. etc etc (Yes, I am skipping the previous two posts and jamming everything in here.)

Sooooo, Dr.Eyebrows is brilliant, and you never know, he might come up with something different protocol wise.

That sperm test I mentioned before by the way, is called the DNA sperm fragmentation test.

Quality can vary. I personally know three stories (not blogs, but real people I've met) where the guys sperm fragmentation changed over time. Once from good to bad, and the other two it went back and forth, bad to good to bad to good.

You've never had a lap, so you could have endo and not know it. (Laps are free) (Endo would not show up on an HSG)

Is it worth getting chromosomal tests done on each of you? With one miscarriage and one live baby, it's still possible that either he or you could have a translocation and need PGD with IVF. (Everytime a doctor tells me that a previous successful pregnancy means you are both fine, I reply, "Julia Hippogriffs" and explain.)

Have you had clotting tests done? They are OHIP covered and determine whether or not you might need heparin. You used baby aspirin last time, maybe you need more. Maybe you don't. But without the tests, who knows?

If you start IVF right now and it fails, can you afford to redo it a bunch of times as you slowly go through all these tests?

I vote asking Dr.Eyebrows these questions....but if you go ahead now, I'll understand and be supportive.

Take care.

Jay3fer said...

Hey, someone much smarter than me. I was just stopping to offer hugs, not wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I would talk to Dr. Eyebrows. And see what he says. I think I would sit the cycle out and skip the IUI this month, because that could potentially put an IVF cycle off another month.

Sigh. I wish you weren't dealing with this.

Eve said...

Oh I'm sorry I havent' been around for a long time! I'm also TRULY bummed to not see you pregnant yet. I know ALL TOO well how hurtful it is to be trying with 'perfect' cycles all to no avail. My best is advice is to GET aggressive. I feel I made the mistake with TTC #2 the way we got preggers with #2 (clomid, met, timed bding). I didn't push hard enough and fast enough to really get aggressive with treatment, and I 'wasted' at least a year that way.

Definitely run the numbers and the percentages. How much money for a lap? How much better chance? Does insurance cover IVF? How many cycles does the doc think it would take?

GL! And hang in there!!!

eve (