Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's not up to us

So I just finished commenting on Shlomit's blog about how it's not about how "perfect" a cycle is or isn't. As Shlomit herself says, you can have a perfect cycle, and it still needs God to come down and grant that elusive BFP. It's just not up to us.

In that spirit, Mr. December and I have decided that we're not going to "not try" this month. We're taking it easy, we're only having sex when we want to, but we're not preventing anything from happening. It's not up to us.


I'm gonna be all alone on Christmas eve. Mr. D's family is getting together tonight for Chinese food (which I don't eat), but I'm coughing all over the place and am probably really contagious - so I'm not going. What's fun to do that doesn't require leaving my couch?


In other news, only 1 week to go before we start "austerity measures", aka "saving for a house". I'm trying to decide what foolish things I should buy now, before I'm forced to account for my spending. Some new pottery tools, perhaps?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good cycle.


Anonymous said...

hey sweetie...
sorry you're still feeling crappy...i like your new plan...i'm jealous actually...i hope you enjoy eachother...oh, and i hear you abt austerity plans, we are saving up for an ivf?! we'll find cheap things to do together!

i can see your cold/cough isn't harming your sense of're comment abt christmas day cracked me up!!

btw, i think chellb from the peach started a blog and i've lost the link: do you have it?!

be well my friend,

decemberbaby said...

Heck yeah! I emailed you about some cheap things we can do together... read it when you get the chance.

Don't have chelb's blog address, though.