Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slow progress, and an unexpected visitor

Sorry I haven't updated in a while... I've been waiting to hear from my doc today.

Saw the GP. My thyroid numbers from the second set of tests were well within normal limits. Apparently the first set of tests, my TSH and prolactin were just a little higher than the upper limit of normal. My GP didn't have any good explanation for the discrepancy, but he said everything looks fine now and he's putting the ball back in my RE's court.

The RE can see me to discuss the rest of my results and to create a game plan... on January 3. With all these 3-week delays, it'll be another six month before we know it. Craptastic.


In other news...

I got my period yesterday... only 19 days after the last one started. Others might be alarmed by a cycle that short. All I have to say is, hey - 19 days is better than 60 days, and it gives me 3 times the number of chances to try! Of course, I'd have to be ovulating to make that mean something.

My acupuncturist is optimistic. She's very excited about said period, because she thinks the flow and colour mean that we have a really good lining for future implantation. She promised to work very hard to bring out an egg this month.

I'm thinking of giving the egg a little push of my own. Last time I got pregnant I was drinking Fertilitea... 3 or 4 cups a day. I'm thinking about maybe drinking 1 cup a day, to encourage my ovaries to do the right thing. Just this cycle. Just until my RE has something constructive to offer.

So that's it. We're on our own this cycle. It's doubtful but not impossible that we may succeed. Wish me luck.


And for those who are interested...

Take a look at the fruits of my depression. I started taking ceramics after I quit my job... here are two pieces designed and executed by yours truly.


Anonymous said...

first of all: WOW!!! gorgeous stuff!!!! i must have missed somewhere that you quit your job...but it looks like it's working for you!

secondly..sorry you have to wait til 3 jan but glad all is well in the thyroid department...

i think you should go for it with the fertilitea...i've still got a bag here for you! so when we meet up maybe we can trade: challah for fertilitea?!


ms. c said...

Beautiful work, Sara! I'm so impressed. Working with clay has always been a great way for me to let out some frustration...
About the Jan 3 wait... it will be here before you know it... Looks like you're doing all the good things for this coming unmedicated/unmonitored cycle. You never know...
I'm impressed with the 19 day cycle (maybe your body can have a talk wiht mine?) Also, sounds like you've got a great acupunturist.

My Reality said...

Love your ceramics! I may just have to place an order for something!

Sorry about your unexpected visitor. That just sucks.

decemberbaby said...

Reality ~ thanks, but I'm actually happy about this visitor... I knew there was zero chance last cycle, so I sort of feel like this is a fresh start.

Shlomit ~ check your email. I'm up for the trade.

ms. c ~ thank you! and sure, my body can chat with yours. although no guarantees on whether they'll both side against the two of us!