Wednesday, December 27, 2006

same old mum... and no egg.

My mum called today. She's vacationing in the carribean and wanted to check on me. She also HAD to tell me about X's daughter, who has PCOS, had two miscarriages, and now has three beautiful daughters. All this as evidence that... (are you ready?)


She finished off this anecdote by saying "so it happens a lot more often than you think!"
"That's funny," I said, "because with it being so common, I really think people should in general be more sensitive about it when I tell them, don't you?"
To which my mother replied "well, maybe people aren't more sensitive because most of them just get over it."


Then again, my mom is also from the school of thought that says "well, if you miscarried that means the baby was deformed anyway, and you don't want an unhealthy baby."

I'm going to stop writing about this now, because it just makes me feel angry.


I'm slowly getting un-sick. Slowly. And I'm not contagious anymore (thanks, penicillin!) so I can finally see people. I'm going crazy being in the house with Mr. December 24/7. I love him dearly and treasure our time together... but there's only so much treasure a girl NEEDS, know what I mean?


I haven't ovulated yet. I don't even know what day of my cycle it is - 16? 17? I'm just praying the cycle ends just after my RE appointment on Jan 3 so we can get moving with some treatment or something. I am so fucking tired of waiting.


Zee said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Nice to meet you--even if it does suck about the reason. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's hideously hard. Mine was at 7w5d--also after seeing the heartbeat. So much for the risk going down to 5%. (And my mother also says weird things. You know they mean well, but jeez!) Anyway, here's hoping that 2007 is a less crappy year than 2006!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

hey sucks when people, especially moms, are predictable...grrrrr...mine thought she was being super supportive and said, 'if it's meant to happen, it will'. whatever that means!! you gotta laugh, or you'll cry!

thanks for the offer of challah and do not know how TEMPTED i was!!! unfortunately i had an 'urgent' meeting on the 28th with a crap load of work to do before our follow up meeting on the 3rd. did i mention how much i do not enjoy my job right now? can i take a rain cheque?

ooops, sorry, this is your blog!!

sooo glad you're starting to feel tell that egg to show up, wouldja?!

Anonymous said...

the bottom got cut off...


decemberbaby said...

Zee ~ nice to meet you! Sorry about your loss... let me know if you need to vent.

Shlo ~ of course you get a rain cheque! let me know when.